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About Karma Paralegal


Understanding that dealing with courts is a stressful experience for most individuals, we respect our clients with clear communication and try to manage expectations by providing updates regularly along the process, thereby eliminating some of the anxiety faced by the clients.  We offer realistic advice and do not try to predict the outcome.  Alternative dispute resolution is always recommended at every stage.


At Karma Paralegal we provide prompt and professional services.  That's the best way to get the results you need.  We do that with the personal touches that are possible in a small business.

Some of the services we provide are relatively straightforward certifications, and we're efficient at that, but we also deal with more complex issues that are potentially costly and emotionally draining.  

The Paralegal community is regulated and monitored by the Law Society of Ontario in order to provide the public with an affordable legal option for matters at most Tribunal and Board levels and for disputes involving amounts of under $35,000.


Behind Karma Paralegal

Malti Mahajan is a licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario.

She is a practitioner who believes in advocating vigorously for her clients.

She understands the stress of being in contentious legal disputes and strives to provide sympathetic yet practical advice.

Malti encourages dispute resolution and will suggest mediation and arbitration to save legal and emotional costs to everyone involved in the court system.







Our Services


Small Claims Matters

The Small Claims Court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice, and handles nearly half of all civil claims in the province.  The Court has civil jurisdiction over monetary claims up to $35,000, and provides an efficient and cost-effective forum for Ontarians to bring or defend these claims.

Karma Paralegal can help claimants and defendants navigate the process and will be a strong advocate for every single client.

In order to make sure clients are aware of options, we encourage settlements and alternative dispute resolution options at every stage.

Disputes of any nature arising from interactions like unpaid invoices, debts owed, damaged property, poorly executed work, breach of contract etc. can be taken to Small Claims Court.  It is important to evaluate that you are claiming against the correct entity in the correct jurisdiction.

From crafting a good claim to naming the correct parties and looking at the big picture of the matter, we bring maturity and experience to the process.

Getting a favourable judgment is not the end of the process.  The enforcement and garnishment of successful claims are a big part of the small claims process.

Karma Paralegal works with investigators to locate the debtors and ensure enforcement of court orders.



Employment Matters

Karma Paralegal can help create and review employment contracts, non-disclosure and non-compete clauses.  We help employers stay compliant with the Employment Standards Act, which allows their companies to build a safe, equitable, respectful and welcoming environment to retain and grow teams.  We provide human resource support by assisting in making and communicating policies like workplace conduct and harassment policies and help in enforcing good practice. We conduct investigations of complaints, reviews and appraisals and assist in communications between the parties.

If you have preformed a job and not been paid, or are being sued for breaching a contract, we can represent you with your Employer or take the opposing party to Small Claims Court.




Incorporation and business registration services are available.  Karma Paralegal can advise you about whether you should incorporate your business and what structure to adopt based on your individual needs.



Notarization and Commissioning

We provide Notary and commissioning services for documents needing authentication for official use.  Documents to be used outside Canada require verification and we can provide reasonable rates on volume.  Karma Paralegal is conveniently located close to the Official Document Services location on Jarvis Street.



Flat Fee Services

Flat fee services (aka block services) are available in some matters.  Reasonable and transparent billing.



Working with Lawyers

Karma Paralegal offers services to Lawyers on matters like recovery and garnishment as well as handling the Small Claims files for busy practices.  Karma Paralegal is always open to work with employment and litigation lawyers on superior court matters and support the client in transitions between various levels of courts.  We use a wide network of referrals with other professionals.







Our Advantages

Understanding clients' actual needs is crucial to delivering appropriate services.  We provide sympathetic yet practical advice to clients, especially with regard to the cost and mental anguish of being in the court system.  Often that advice is to encourage clients to review their disputes and focus on the key issues, in the interests of reaching a settlement.

We're committed to following through on clients' behalf to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Flexibility: We're a small business so we can easily personalize services to fit you.  Rush and after-hours document notarization and commissioning is possible.  Mobile services are available on request.

Prompt services at reasonable rates.

Free 30-minute consultation, with no obligation

Convenient downtown Toronto location.  We're close to the corner of Jarvis and Wellesley.  That's a 4-minute drive or a 15-minute walk from the Ontario government's Official Documents Services centre at 222 Jarvis Street.







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Karma Paralegal

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6 Wellesley Place, Suite 2, Toronto


One block north-east of Jarvis and Wellesley.


There's parking on Lourdes Lane, just around the corner. 


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